First blog post

Whoot Whoot! ┬áHere we are, Do you have any idea how long we puzzled over the name of this blog. That’s marriage collaboration right? We love doing that stuff. One of us has an idea and we debate some little part of it verbally and otherwise over the next days, weeks, or years while we each secretly put on our brave face to tackle something new.

So yeah, we talked about the name of the blog, “One duck? Lone duck? Do you think people will get the duck reference? I love the Ark concept. It says so much about who we are and what we believe; exploring, adventure, change, journey, change, transformation, all the connotations with ark are perfect.” That was my side of it.

Tiff was more like, “I like One Duck Ark” and then “Neighbor Emily likes One Duck Ark”

So here is One Duck Ark, our journey of discovery and sharing about all the things we love, the passions, the beliefs, the outdoor adventures and business ventures that this little Ark will pursue. Welcome aboard.