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Hello! We’re Michael and Tiffany. We’ve been married for nine years and met at our jobs in 2005.  It took us five years of friendship to realize we should be dating and the minute we went on our first date we decided we needed to be life partners.  When we found each other we genuinely thought that it was because we had come from difficult pasts and finding each other was a “phew” we made it through, now our peacefully happy family life can begin. What we didn’t realize was that finding each other was necessary for navigating the struggles ahead. We couldn’t have done it without each other and wouldn’t ever want to.

We began this blog as a way to share our experiences, improve Tiffany’s writing, work on picture editing skills, organize our thoughts and hopefully through it all, inspire, help and motivate others. (and possibly share with the world without having to rely on Facebook)

Please contact us with any questions or thoughts you have! We’d love to connect.